Telugu Comedy Movies To Watch In Life

Whatever is happening, a little dose of comedy can help. People need comedy in life and to fulfill that necessity you can use aha cinema. Aha has the best movies, and this is a must-watch list with them.

Comedy is entertaining humans for a long time, and people are enjoying it. Sometimes people need to watch a funny movie and a happy ending. There are a lot of comedies today whether you watch them in the cinema or at home, they are humorous, and they have a joyful ending. People like to watch comedies, but the only problem has a hard time finding hilarious comedy. Okay, some are funny, but that’s not enough. But when you see an entertaining and thrilling comedy movie, your funny bones tickle. Below is the best recommendation list for the best Telugu comedy movies to watch once in life.

  1. MR. PELLAM  is a comedy movie made in 1993 starring Rajendra Prasad and Aamani. It is a story about a man with a wife that is earning money for life because he lost his job. He copes up with household work in an Indian community.
  2. APRIL 1 VIDUDALA is a 1991 Telugu comedy movie. Rajendra Prasad is also a lead role along with Shobhana. A liar con-man tries to transform himself into an honest and truthful person to win the heart of his ladylove. But in this process, he suffers from his mischiefs in the past.
  3. JAMBA LAKIDI PAMBA is a 1992 Telugu comedy film starring no other than Aamani. The film funnily shows a couple’s divorce. It shows feminism and women’s rights because of what happens when the male and female genders turn opposite.

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