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Is Diamond Clarity Important?

Buying a diamond is a big deal. Not only because of how costly they are, but because of the reason behind buying one. Typically bought for an engagement or wedding ring, there’s a lot of meaning behind the purchase, so understandably you want to make sure that you pick the

Indian Manufacturers to Benefit From Hike in Customs Duty

 Make in India initiative is getting a great boost from the central government, and in its support the Finance Minister of India on Friday issued a notification that announced a rise in custom duty on electronic goods like television sets, mobiles, microwaves and many others.  The revised rates of custom duty

4 Kinds of Leather Jackets

A higher-quality leather jacket for kids clothing is very versatile, it's timeless, and can last forever. Plus, they are available in a variety of colors and styles to complement the particular preference. Listed here are a couple of of the largest choices: Biker jackets The leather biker jacket is thick and difficult-putting