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3 Foods You Have To Eat When Visiting Bali for the Very First Time

If you are visiting Bali, Indonesia for the very first time, these are the places you should visit for food. Here is my take on places to eat in Bali for first-time visitors.

Babi Guling

Known as Balinese Suckling Pig, Babi Guling causes pork fanatics dreams. It is one of the Island’s most famous dish, where a pig is seasoned with local spices, and herbs then roasted whole. The tender meat is served on rice with stewed veggies, pork sausage, fried pork meat, and more importantly, the crispy skin! Numerous locations sell Babi Guling however, the most popular series going by the name Ibu Oka is essential to eat for this dish and has multiple outlets. Their Special meal included for all of above mentioned above is a pocket-friendly (55,000 IDR or 5.23 SGD). Best visit them for lunch as they’ve early closing hours and have a tendency to market!

Bebek Goreng/ Bebek Betutu

Balinese fried duck or a smoked duck are just two variations of traditional duck meals. One consists of duck which has been seasoned and after that steamed or boiled before being fried. The other has a duck wrapped and marinated with local seasonings and after that smoked for 24 hours. Anticipate the meat must be lean, flaking off the bone, and exceptionally tasty. All served with rice, sambal, and neighborhood vegetable sides. Long recognized Bebek Bengil, or duck in English is a traditional restaurant really does serve up some imply duck. Their portions are large and prices on the higher side, but quite reasonable in comparison to where the natives could dine. Their crispy duck is so crisp that though some might consider it borderline dry if you enjoy the skin crunchy to the point at which small bones are crispy treats you will love Bebek Bengil does it.

BBQ Seafood

Jimbaran Beach in Bali is renowned for its long stretch of eateries serving up local seafood, as you face the ocean, legs in the cold sand, like a breeze and see the setting sun. Not only can it be family, group, and few friends, the vast most of the eateries are reasonably priced. Select on your seafood either ala carte by weight that can come with accompaniments for an entire meal or pick at a fixed meal for groups of 2 to 20 people. Anticipate your seafood to get cooked just right, super fresh and covered in a bright reddish hue which isn’t spicy at savory and sweet. No matter what is your seafood tastes, a sunset dinner on Jimbaran beach should be on your checklist.


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