Replacing Your Brake Pads- How Much Will It Cost You?

The squeaking and screeching sound of your car brake at every stop sign or slowdown is a special kind of embarrassment and is a loud indication that it’s time to replace your old brake pads. Brake pads are one of your car’s crucial parts that need constant monitoring and checking for safety and the maintenance of your beloved car. 

Noisy and rusted brake pads are an issue that you cannot take lightly as your entire safety while driving your car depends on them. Every time you are applying the brakes, a multitude of processes take place; the pressure travels from your leg to a cylinder attached to a booster with hydraulic fluids acting as buffers to give you that crisp braking action. 

Why do they get hot?

Well, the main reason for the demise of your brake pads is heat essentially. Now you may ask why does the brake pad gets heated? When you apply the brakes, kinetic energy is converted into thermal energy due to friction, which helps to slow or stop your car by squeezing the pads to your disc. This process throws off a lot of heat and these pads are made in such a way that they can absorb this heat produced every time you apply the brakes. 

Where to buy brake pads and how much will they cost you? 

There are several places where you can get good quality industrial-built brake pads for your car. While mainstream passenger cars such as SUVs and small cars prioritize longevity and a cost-effective, smooth quiet performance, performance-based vehicles such as race cars and bikes focus on the minimization of the brake fade during the hard use of the pads to slow down the speeding vehicle. There are several places where you can get brake pads, but we recommend you to choose from-

  • Your car manufacturer will have the best quality brake pads for you.
  • Any local trusted auto-shop that has your required brake pads. 
  • Online auto-shops that sell various types of good quality brake pads.

Depending on your vehicle, the cost of the brake pads will vary. Factory-made brake pads for SUVs cost around $265 without the installation, whereas a carbon-ceramic performance brake pad will cost you around $1800-$2200. 

In this regard, is your one-stop destination for any kind of brake pad and associated car accessories.