5 Ways to Safeguard Against Online Credit Card Fraud

Online transactions via credit cards are convenient and time saving but are accompanied by the risk of fraud. This, however, does not mean that you avoid the online use of your credit card. You may not be able to dissuade the fraudsters from trying to steal your information, but you can always limit your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.  Here are certain tips to safeguard yourself from getting cheated.

  • Stay Alert: The best way to prevent fraud is to stay alert and regularly check your credit card statement for all the transactions included in it. This way you can identify anything suspicious quickly and get it rectified by approaching your bank. 

You can also remain up to date about the transactions done via your card by signing up for transaction alerts when you submit your credit card application. These alerts can help you keep track of all transactions and take note of the ones that exceed a specific limit or international purchases or any other unusual activity.

  • Use Your Computer and WI-FI: The use of public WI-FI to carry out credit card transactions can prove to be dangerous. So, ensure that you always use your personal laptop or computer and Wi-Fi or secured networks to make payments via credit cards.
  • Transact on only secure sites: Before completing an online purchase or making a payment ensure that the website is a secure one. You can ensure this by checking that the URL begins with “https” and that there is a small lock icon.
  • Stay Cautious: Exercising caution is a must while using your credit cards or filling in the details on any website. This includes setting up strong passwords for all your online accounts and never responding to requests for your personal information. Also, do not fall for ads that boast of amazing unbelievable deals. 

Before making such purchases, check their legitimacy and read reviews. This will prevent you from falling prey to fraudulent websites. Again, provide your credit card details only on an established and reputed site. Do not use your credit card in a shop or mall if have any doubts about the presence of skimmers in their card-reading machines.

  • Don’t Save Your Credit Card Details: Another way to prevent fraud is to avoid saving your credit card information on your browser, smartphone or any other instrument. This will protect you from unauthorised transactions in case your device is hacked.
  • Avoid Interest Rate Scams: Never fall for calls claiming to reduce your credit card interest rates or get you a credit card with a lower interest rate. If you wish to negotiate for a lower interest rate talk to your bank yourself. And never share your credit card information over the phone or e-mail. No bank or credit card issuer will call you for sensitive information about your credit card.

These tips can help you avoid credit card fraud and carry out your online transactions safely.