Reasons and Factors That Make Granite Countertops Ageless 

Kitchen countertops are the heart and soul that are the epicenter of the entire vibe. If yours is shabby and flimsy, the kitchen will not look good no matter the cabinets and the wall decor. In companionship with cabinetry, a kitchen countertop can work wonders for the aesthetics. One of the many types of countertops that’s absolutely brilliant and completes all kinds of decors – modern, traditional, rustic, classic, vintage, and contemporary – is a granite kitchen countertop. 

The designs, colours, and patterns of high-quality items like Kitchen Wholesalers granite countertops are truly hypnotizing. Let’s let you through the aisle of some stunning benefits of installing granite kitchen countertops so that you can understand their value better. 

Granite makes Lifetime Countertops

Granite is a natural stone, that when sealed in the right way, can be passed on from generations to generations. Isn’t it cool to have a heritage stone of your own? 

Granite is Scratch-resistant 

You don’t have to think twice about installing granite countertops if you’re a cat person or a dog person because the sealed surface of granite is scratch resistant. 

Granite is Heat-Resistant 

A lot of engineered stones and even natural stones are heat resistant, but none of those can do the job better than granite. It’s heat resistant in the true sense. So, you don’t really have to worry if you accidently placed a hot pot directly on top of the granite countertop.

Granite is Hygienic 

It repels germs and bacteria and fungus. But, what’s more than that is that granite is  non-toxic too. Which is why, and also because the stone is scratch resistant, you can use the surface of granite for chopping and baking. 

Sealed Granite is Waterproof 

Granite in its raw form is porous. This is the reason that granite slabs are properly sealed before they’re installed. When done by the right professionals, sealing makes granite entirely waterproof. As a result, the stone becomes resistant to stains as well. 

Another advantage of granite is that it is resistant to abrasion – doesn’t react to acids. 

Granite is a Low-maintenance Stone 

You don’t need special expensive solutions to clean the surface of granite. Normal solvents and water are enough. As long as you keep replacing the sealing once in 3 years, your slab will last for decades to come. Needless to say, granite is super tough. It’s very strong and very durable. 

On a closing note, granite is an all-in-one affordable countertop that has all the characters to last for ages.