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Restaurant Recommendations For Halal Food Soto Medan

Many people who visit Medan certainly do not want to miss halal food Soto Medan. Medan is one of the areas in Indonesia, which is very famous for a variety of delicious cuisine. Therefore, many people who visit Medan sometimes aim to enjoy a variety of local culiner. One of Medan’s famous culinary is Soto Medan. Soto is a dish that tends to fall into the category of soup which is usually served with the composition of sauce, meat, and various vegetables. In Indonesia, Soto is a very famous cuisine. Some regions have their own local characteristics in serving Soto. Soto Medan is one of the most famous of them.

If you visit Medan for a trip, you need to come to halal food Soto Medan restaurant to do a culinary tour. Trying Soto Medan will definitely make your trip to Medan feels valuable. Soto Medan delights will give you a new experience in tasting local Indonesian cuisine. The uniqueness of Soto Medan from the rest is in the composition of the blend. In a bowl of Soto Medan will be added beef, exactly on the ankle leg, as well as the inside of the cow’s stomach or other kind of meat. In addition, the concoction of spices in different Soto sauce that gives a sense of its own delights. For those of you who are interested to try Soto Medan, here are some recommendations of places to taste this culinary while in Medan.

  1. Soto Medan RM Sinar Pagi

Soto Medan RM Sinar Pagi is a restaurant that used to be a famous culinary icon in Medan.This restaurant provides delicious Soto Medan that is much sought after by visitors who come to Medan. If you want to try, you can come to Sei Deli street No. 2D, Medan.

  1. Soto Kesawan

Soto Kesawan is also very famous for having its own trademark. If you enjoy this culinary there are various side dishes ready to accompany Soto dishes that you will enjoy. Some commonly used are shrimp, beef, offal, and chicken meat. The specialty of Soto Kesawan dish is also found in its distinctive sauce. If you want to taste this dish you can come to Ahmad Yani street No. 166, Medan.

  1. Soto Bening H. Anwar Sulaiman

Soto culinary in Soto Bening H. Anwar Sulaiman is different from other Soto Medan, because the Soto sauce is clear. Although the sauce gave clear impression, but the sauce taste is not inferior to other Soto Medan. The gravy is tasty, the meat is tender, and the texture of the lung as the side dish is steady. In addition to Soto with beef and lung as side dishes, here is also available Soto with chicken meat and shrimp as side dish. You can try this culinary at Brigjend Katamso street, Medan.

Actually there are many more halal foods Soto Medan culinary you can found to try. If you want to dig deeper about local culinary in Medan and about Soto Medan, you can come here and try it yourself. After you taste the local culinary in Medan, will be guaranteed you will never regret the journey that you take.