Best Bits Of Technology On The Market Right Now

One of the fastest growing industries over the past couple decades has been that of the technology industry, as we have all been affected by the digital age in one way or another. Due to this, a whole host of technology companies have been working hard to produce some of the best bits of technology in terms of gadgets on the market right now but which are the ones in which are must-haves right now.

64 cool gadgets: Our pick of the best new tech for 2021 - BBC Science Focus  Magazine

[Image: BBC]

Smartwatches have become some of the most impressive bits of technology on the market right now and have become that popular that we are seeing more and more consumers invest into them due to the benefits that they pose to us. Not only do they act as an extension to your smartphone, giving all your notifications to your wrist rather than having to drag your phone out of your pocket, but they also act a personal fitness watch in which you can track your calories burnt, how many steps you are doing a day, how many hours you’ve been standing and many other things to keep on top of your fitness. Although when smartwatches first came out, they seemed to be a bit of a gimmick, they have become that popular that they are now basically must-have items for everyone.

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Moreover, another bit of technology that we have noticed to be one of the best bits of technology on the market right now, and although this isn’t a personal bit of technology, but more of a bit of tech for your house, is a smart speaker. Smart speakers, like smartwatches were seen as a bit of a gimmick to most but as the technology has evolved, we have seen the popularity of smart speakers rise. Not only do they offer a voice activated speaker in which you can play your favourite songs, artists and radio stations, but they also can act as a personal assistant for all your needs around the house including setting reminders for yourself, setting alarms to wake you up in the morning, creating shopping lists through the use of your voice, asking what the news is, and finding out the weather.