Attain Higher Education Via The Internet

One major advantage that the internet brought is giving people access to education from anywhere in the world. The aviation industry is benefitting from this; modern aviation schools now deliver all or part of their theoretical classes online. For example, pilots studying for an a320 type rating can take their theory classes online before moving on to the practical/simulation stage.

You can advance your career with an internet/enabled device.

Components of An Online Course 

  1. Training content: Online courses are designed to include visual and audio content. Visual content includes text, eBooks, graphics, images, and videos. Training content is usually pre-recorded, but sometimes it may be delivered live and recorded for download. Pilots using the online training content have access to download the videos for later use.
  2. Multimedia player: A multimedia player is necessary to display any type of training material used in the online course. Any player used will have an easy and friendly interface to facilitate easy navigation.
  3. Learning Management Software: A learning management is a software that provides access to the online training course. It provides users and instructors a platform to interact and to submit and grade test scores respectively. The LMS may be proprietary or purchased and customized to suit the school’s specifications.

Advantages of Online Courses

If you are studying for an aircraft rating like the a320 type rating, taking an online course is not only cheap but fast. Most aviation schools incorporate online courses for the following benefits:

  1. Self-paced learning: Pilots typically have access to all videos in the module and can watch them at their own pace within provided limits.
  2. Access to review previous training materials: You can download and save the training materials they use for a later time. You can watch the video and go through the other media files at a convenient time from your internet-enabled device. If a network failure happens, you will still have access to view the media files.
  3. Customizable simulations: Instructors can customize simulations for the context of the particular lesson. That provides tremendous benefits to pilots. In the a320 type rating course, you will be able to see the simulated effects of various systems errors. It will help you to prepare for the practical simulation phase.
  4. Reduced costs: Online courses are generally less expensive than physical classes and this may translate into lower training fees for you and other pilots.