What to Bring to a Party on a Bus

Excited to book a party bus and want to know how to make the event extra special? It’s all about what you bring on board.

From decorations to tunes, there’s plenty you can do to make the trip your own. Check out this guide to what to bring on a party bus for some inspiration.


No matter how long you plan on being on your party bus, you’ll want to have some tasty snacks to keep everyone happy and having a good time.

Check with the company to see if they can offer you a refreshments package. If you prefer, ask if you can bring your own food. Remember to keep it simple. Food that you can eat without cutlery is best and you can even cater your tasty treats around your theme to make it more fun.


What’s a party without music? Modern NY party bus rental companies now have hi-tech sound systems and are iPod, MP3, and CD compatible to make sure you have an amazing time with all your favorite tunes during the ride. You just need to bring the tunes!

Get together with your friends or ask around your group to see what kind of music everyone enjoys. Remember, there’s no chance of stepping outside for people if they don’t like what they hear. So, decide on a genre that everyone can get down to.


You have the food sorted, now what about the beverages? Again, keep it simple. You’re on a moving vehicle so probably want to avoid any hot drinks or using cups that can easily spill.

How about buying a few covered pitchers and mixing up some cocktails? Bring plenty of straws, napkins and ice, too. Your party bus hire company may even be able to offer you a vehicle with its own bar area if you think this would help get the party started. Just remember to drink responsibly, if you’re consuming alcohol, as distracting the driver can cause an accident.


Time to make the party bus your own with unique decorations. Everyone is sure to be in a fun mood and decking out your bus will only help get the party going from the moment you step on the vehicle.

Many party buses now come with cool fibre optics, lighting and seating areas to give the place a party vibe. But you can always customize the place further to make it your own. Blow up a few balloons to throw around and order some personalized banners, if it’s a special occasion. Just make sure that you remove anything you decorate with when you leave at the end.


Don’t forget entertainment. Since you’ve already organized an incredible playlist, how about a sing-off? Or what about using your cells to play a fun app game like Heads Up?

If it’s a bachelorette party, give ‘What’s in the Bag?’ a go. This is when you make a list of objects before the party, separate the group into two teams and then read out the list. The teams need to look through their purses to find items for points!

Now, make a list to ensure you remember everything you need for a fun time on your party bus.