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Common causes of neck pain

The neck, also known as cervical spine, is a network of bones, joints, nerves and muscles that are directed by the spinal cord and the brain. Neck pain can result from an injury, a muscular or a mechanical problem, trapped nerves, or arthritis of the neck among other causes. Neck pain can be a discomfort, severe pain or anywhere in between. In most cases, the pain goes away in a few days or weeks but if it persists it could be a sign of an underlying medical problem.

Before visiting a neck pain surgeon in Plano to have your issue checked, it is crucial to understand the common causes of neck pain.

Neck arthritis
Neck arthritis is also known as cervical spondylosis or cervical osteoarthritis. Old age is largely to blame for neck arthritis, but there are other factors that can contribute to neck arthritis. As one ages, their cervical spine discs lose fluid and become stiffer. Bone spurs are also known to cause neck arthritis. As the body tries to strengthen the spine, it grows bones called bone spurs. These bone growths can press sensitive areas in the spine such as the nerves causing pain.

Strains and sprains
Sprains and strains are body injuries that often result from strenuous physical activity. Depending on the incident, sprains can be minor or severe. In most cases, they are minor and one does not need medical attention. Sprains affect the joints and ligaments that join bones while strains affect muscles and tendons. Known causes of sprains and strains include limited flexibility and engaging in physical activity beyond one’s ability. Failure to warm up before a strenuous physical activity can also cause sprains and strains. To treat sprains and strains, one can opt for one of the following treatments; chiropractic treatment, massage, acupuncture and RICE treatment (Rest, ice, compression and elevation).

Tension headaches
Tension headaches, also referred to as stress headaches, are a dull pain, pressure or tightness around the forehead, back of the head or neck. Contractions of muscles in the neck and head cause tension headaches. Some people have described the feeling as having a clamp squeezing the skull. One can suffer tension headaches for half an hour or for a few days. Some activities such as staring at computer screen for a long period or driving for long periods can trigger tension headaches. Other causes of tension headaches include:
•    Alcohol
•    Fatigue
•    Smoking
•    Caffeine
•    Poor posture
•    Emotional stress

The above are just a few common causes of neck pain. They are not considered medical emergencies, but if they persist it is advisable to book an appointment with a neck pain surgeon in Plano.