How lifestyles changed in lockdown

The pandemic drastically changed people‚Äôs lives as well as businesses. This was an unprecedented time for the world, and it changed a lot of parts of our lives we used to consider as normal. 

As restrictions were first put into place, many businesses went into panic as they realised, they could not stay open. Retail stores which only had physical locations suffered the most as they depend on the foot fall into their stores. Now they were faced with closures and business began to slow down. However, those retail stores that had a good online presence realised that they could continue business as customers could still purchase online. This was the same challenge faced by restaurants. As soon as restaurants realised, they could stay open, most began to offer a pickup or delivery service. 

Working from home became the new normal for many people who were able to. Workplaces had to update and upgrade their IT equipment and server connections in order for their employees to continue working from home. Virtual meetings were now being conducted in place of face-to-face meetings. 

The government guidelines had to be adhered to in order to keep everyone safe, therefore, anything that could be done remotely was being executed remotely. However, this also meant that people could not go out for entertainment or to meet friends and family. This could be a very mentally straining due to many people feeling isolated and not having anything to keep their minds occupied.

The solution was for entertainment companies to find ways to bring entertainment to people in their homes. Game companies were able to continue updating their software for virtual events so that people can still get together. Casinos and betting shops were also able to continue bringing games to their players online. Whilst also continuing to offer a vast array of bonuses and promotions which helped to continue to draw in both new and returning players, which has been shown at for example. This is also a trend that has continued throughout 2021 even as the lockdown have continued to ease, and improvements have been made as we slowly but surely return to normality.

The big question is now whether this new change in our lifestyles will remain, or whether we revert back to our previous lifestyle choices. This includes both through our working lives and of course socially such as online entertainment.