Importance of Personal Dosimeters in Radiation Safety

Radiation safety is a very emergency safety training provided to the military personnel to help them stay prepared for any sort of instant response. This helps them evaluate and react to a very wide spectrum of upcoming hazardous events. The assigned teams who need to handle these unique radiological incidents have ensured the provision of the highest levels of personal safety.

The personal dosimeters are used for training for sheer protection against events like that of:

  • Radioactive radon gases
  • Terrestrial gamma radiations
  • Cosmic radiations
  • Medical radiotherapy aftermaths
  • Occupational radiation exposure
  • Radioactive discharges

Various radiations have various implications on human tissues. Alpha particles in form of external exposure are the least harmful to the human skin but extremely dangerous when inhaled or ingested. The beta or gamma radiations, on the other hand, are pretty much lesser harmful on the insides but extremely risky on the outside. They can penetrate the skin and can damage the insides of the cells.

Why use dosimeters in safety training?

The first responders and the military personnel get the dosimeters as life-saving instrumentation against any radiation incident or training. They can analyse their levels of ionizing dose and monitor it from time to time. They can also obtain the whole body ionization doses. There are specialist instruments that can be worn on fingertips or can be clipped to the headgears. This measures the localized body irradiation during specific activities.

What are the advantages?

The dosimeter usage can bring forth some very distinct advantages for personnel using them:

  • It instantly responds to electronic sources that can stimulate life-threatening ionising radiation levels. Their detection leaves the trainee and the environment with zero risks.
  • The dosimeters can replicate the appearance, function, and display of a real radiation monitoring device and gives the trainee real hand experience about its operation.
  • HP07 and HP10 doses can be detected by this simulator. They also provide the first and second alarms when the dose rates climb the preset levels.
  • The dosimeters can be used anywhere, including around public areas.
  • They run on battery supplies.
  • They do not require any recalibration or preventive maintenance.
  • They have not proven any harm when used under extreme radiation cases.
  • They can be used as parts of very wide area tactical fields and for nuclear emergency response activities.

The dosimeters from the house of SciWise are built with extreme safety and functionality features that help to safeguard you from any unaccounted radiation dangers.