Shopping for sit-stand desks? Check this guide!

Many professionals sit for as long as 9 hours each day, often without a long break. Sitting for long is not just detrimental to your health, but also to your work and productivity. Also called height adjustable desks, sit-stand desks can be your ultimate investment for a perfect home office or workspace. The good news is you can find some amazing choice online too. Check for websites like, which have electric variants too. In this post, we are sharing more on how you can find an awesome standing desk. 

  1. Height adjustment range. Regardless of the type of desk, you should feel comfortable while working in different positions. This is precisely why the height range is important. If you are too tall or short, you may want to check the details in depth. 
  2. Type. Some standing desks are meant to be adjusted manually, while others have a hydraulic mechanism. The best option is an electric one, which typically allows a switch between positions at the switch of a button. 
  3. Noise. Since you may have to change your position from sitting to standing and vice versa for a few times each day, you would want the standing desk to have a low-noise mechanism. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want disruptive sounds that can also disturb your colleagues. 
  4. Speed. How quickly can you switch between positions? This is an important consideration, especially because you don’t have any time to waste at work. If you are buying an electric standing desk, make sure that you have programmable options. 
  5. Inclusions. In case of electric standing desks, the tabletop may not be included. Consider all your expenses to get a desk and work on the budget accordingly. Models that have touch panels or other extra features may cost more. 

How much to spend?

We would highly recommend that you set a budget before checking for standing desks. For electric models, expect to pay anywhere around $250 or more, depending on the features. Keep in mind that a standing desk is an investment and it should work for your professional needs in the long run. For instance, how much weight can the table withstand? Do you need a bigger tabletop? What should be the depth of the tabletop? Where would you place the table? These are some of the basic questions that must be answered before you select an option. 

Shortlist a few standing desks now!