Different Ways Of Using Balloons For Birthday Party Decorations

Birthday parties only bring us thoughts of cakes, balloons, decorations, and a lot of fun. That is the time we find it best to enjoy with our friends and families. With the theme of the party playing a huge role in the enjoyment, we have listed down a few ways in which you can style up your party using balloons. Various party planners and decorators use these ideas to enliven the party crowd.

Balloon garlands

This is the most common party decoration idea that most people prefer to have. It only takes you time to inflate your balloons and tie them along a thread or a string. You can take this chain of balloons and then tie it end to end across your room. You can use a single or dual balloon shade to make the decoration look livelier.

Balloon arches

The arch of balloons is also created by inflating the balloons and tying them over each other to create a solidly bent structure. This structure can then be used to decorate the entrance of the venue. These arches leave a greater impact if you can highlight them with a spotlight. You can choose the best colors depending on the theme of your party. The balloons required in this decoration are a bit more and you can use a pump to inflate them.

Candy filled balloons

This is a very traditional way of using balloons for parties. This decoration is a major hit if you have a lot of kids invited to the celebration. This can be done by using a very big-sized balloon and filling it with candies and sweets of various flavors and types. This needs to be inflated using a pump and can be put upright on the center-top where the cake will be cut. Once the cake candles are blown off, this balloon can be burst off and the candies can explode out.

Balloon wall

This is a very innovative decoration style. This also looks very impressive and can be used at parties of any type. All you need to do is attach blown balloons all over the wall that is going to be the highlight of your venue. You can use a single shade or a combination of various colors.

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