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Pearls Are a Wonder of the Nature – Learn How They Are Made

Pearls are a miracle of nature. They are beautiful and elegant. However, has it ever crossed your mind how they are made? What is the journey they take to get to their present state? Why are they one of the most precious pieces of jewellery?

Pearls are a marvel which is hidden in the deep trenches of our marvellous seas and oceans. At, we search and find only the most delicate and the exquisite of these oceanic wonders to bring to you a set of customisable pearls that you can cherish.

Here are how these gorgeous little miracles are made:

  1. Where are pearls found?

The unfathomable prowess of the majestic seas holds many wonderful surprises. One of the most beloved pieces of jewellery are found in the deep troughs and racks inside the water bodies. They originate inside the hard shells of oysters and mussels and are crafted over many years.

  1. What are they made of?

It is so unreal to think that one of the most beloved items of jewellery that has graced the neck and hands of thousands of people over the years is actually created by an irritant such as a piece of sand or shell.

  1. How are they made?

When a grain of sand or shell enters a mollusc or oysters shell, it irritates them. They, then, start to secrete enzyme nacre slowly overtime in order to protect itself. Over the course of many years, nacre tends to deposit on the irritant and form many layers of coating which is what a pearl is made up of.

  1. How long does it take to create a pearl?

If the pearls are plucked from the wild, these can take up to seven years to form. However, nowadays, many people have tended to farming pearls in man-made environment in order to have more control over the time and conditions to create a pearl.

The pearls are found in all forms of shapes and sizes based on how much nacre is deposited on the irritant. However, now that you know how these stunning gems are made, order one for your beloved now to show them how much they mean to you!