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Noticeable impacts of Anavar on the users

Also known as Oxandrolone, Anavar is recognized as a potent oral anabolic steroid which is highly utilized for thin muscle mass, cutting, losing fat and good athletic performance. Among the bodybuilding circles, this medication is viewed as one of the harmless anabolic steroids meant for people of both the sexes. This medication was produced by Searle Laboratories in the year 1960 for the purpose of treating osteoporosis and HIV/AIDS. It comprises of an androgenic ranking of only 24 in comparison to a huge anabolic ranking of 322-630. It is one C17-aa alkylated oral compound which can greatly help you to gain superior quality muscle mass, strength minus water retention.

This medication isn’t suitable to be taken for bulking cycles as it is excessively mild in nature. The benefit of Anavar for athletes is huge and they commonly take it all through their cutting cycles for lessening water retention, though women may take it for gaining weight. This is one among the few steroids which can directly assist you in fat loss. Additionally, bodybuilders like this medication as it is a non-aromatizing compound. Another remarkable benefit of this compound is that it contains no progestational activity. It also lessens the quantity of fatty tissue that is commonly found in areas, like lower back, upper legs and stomach.

Benefits for the female athletes

This medication is more effectual for the female athletes compared to the males and women can easily tolerate it than the other steroids. It is also true that a woman can develop some manly characteristics with this medication but such a thing is possible only when it is taken irresponsibly. A woman experiences good impacts of this medication when she takes it for either dieting or growth as it is a widely acknowledged compound by female athletes worldwide.

Recommended dosages for a woman

The majority of women take this medication in dosages of nearly 10-20mg daily and a cycle that continues for nearly 6 weeks at a stretch. However, there are women who prefer to exceed a dosage of 20mg but they hardly require this high dosage and stretching beyond a dosage of 20mg raises the dangers of undesirable side effects instead of adding additional benefits. When a women wish to take this medication in cycles that continue for more than six weeks, it would be highly advised to take a break of nearly 3-4 weeks prior to beginning the next cycle.

Availability of this medication for sale

This medication has got only one downside. It is a bit costlier in comparison to various other oral anabolic steroids. If you wish to buy this compound from the black market or from a nation like Mexico, you will be required to pay one dollar for a 10mg tablet. There are numerous underground laboratories and black market dealers that supply this medication in liquid and capsule forms. Some even manufacture their own unique tablets and sell them for a lesser price compared to the actual pharmaceutical price. As the benefit of Anavar for athletes is huge, they do not mind paying a little extra for the benefits that they are about to enjoy.