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Nandrolone: Important Facts You Need to Know

Many are asking why athletes use steroids. Athletes need them to help them with their functionality. In other words, steroids help with their performance, thus, giving them more potential to achieve a task, no matter how heavy and tough it is.

So what lies with Nandrolone and why athletes and bodybuilders take them?

Nandrolone mirrors steroids that are similar to testosterone. Athletes generally use this substance since it improves their sporting performance. It allows them to train harder, recover easier, increase power and strength, and even expand their competitiveness. The more competent they are in their field and the more powerful they are in facing tasks, confidently, victory is achieved.

But there are more things you need to learn about the substance. And checking out this nandrolon avademecumi qb can bring you to astounding responses.

Successful Uses of Nandrolone

Stacking is common among steroids and Nandrolone is not exempted with it.  Here are some effective Nandrolone stacking methods to help you with the increase of muscle mass right on your frame

  • Exact Nandrolone doses

If you want comfort and the relief of joint pains, then having 100mg each week is enough. Considering that you want to get the right dose for your performance based effects, taking in 200mg per week is great. Aside from that, if you wish to obtain the maximum dose for such performance, using of 400mg is helpful.

  • Aromatase Inhibitors

Nandrolone aromatizes 20% of testosterone which can greatly lead to Gynecomastia. With the help of an aromatase inhibitor, such problem will be avoided. Gynecomastia is a huge problem to a lot of male bodybuilders as it grows their breasts. But aside from aiding Gynecomastia, these inhibitors also combat water retention which usually occurs in Nandrolone.

  • Testosterone

 Take in mind that Nandrolone is an anabolic steroid which overpowers your natural testosterone. When this happens, supplementing with another form of exogenous testosterone can help a lot with increasing your testosterone condition.

Proper Nandrolone dosage for men and women

Taking the right dosage of Nandrolone is crucial, not just for effectiveness but for safety as well. For women, they need to have 50mg each week which they should use for 4-6 weeks. Women should be cautious with their dosage since higher ones already lead to the risk of virilization.

When it comes to men, they should take the substance in 300-400mg. This should be used for 8-12 weeks in time. If they prefer to indulge on 200-300mg doses, that is only suitable for cutting cycles. Men should also be cautious when taking the drug excessively, say 600mg of it, as it already brings them to disagreeable side effects.

Some therapeutic effects of Nandrolone

Nandrolone isn’t only used by bodybuilders to grow muscles and build bone density. The substance is also taken for medicinal purposes. Nandrolone is also used in managing osteoporosis particularly for those women who are in postmenopausal. Other than that, the steroid helps with the treatment of anemia and breast cancer.

Responsibilities to take before taking the tablet

Of course, Nandrolone sounds terrific, but you have to be cautious with yourself first. Before taking the drug, it is vital to talk to your doctor first. Nandrolone is not advised when you are breastfeeding, when you have high blood calcium levels, when you have allergies to certain kinds of food and substances, or when you have diabetes and liver disease.