How to Know If Someone Uses Steroids? Top Symptoms and Signs of Steroid Use!

Anabolic steroids are basically synthetic derivatives of testosterone and have a similar structure to it. They stimulate growth of body tissues and cells. Mostly all of us have heard less or more about it. They have numerous positive effects on the body functions. So, let us explore more about these amazing anabolic steroids in the following sections.

Top effects of anabolic steroids on body

Legal steroids are widely used in the treatment plans for numerous medical conditions. It may include hypogonadism, some of the growth deficiencies like anemia and delayed puberty, and so forth.

The use of these powerful anabolic steroids with AIDS and cancer patients can really help in reducing muscle wasting syndrome or cachexia that are often associated with such conditions. Anabolic agents are normally used by many popular athletes and bodybuilders or even by the ones that seek accelerated weight loss and build up of lean muscle mass.

While we may think that they can be used only by men, more and more women are turning to such steroids for their fitness goals. High dosages and long term uses of these steroids are shown to improve potential for depression, hypomania, as well as psychotic features. So, it is best to stick to the recommended dosages and follow your doctor’s valuable guidelines.

Now, there are many people, who want to know how you can identify the steroid users just by looking at them. Are there any kind of visible signs of the steroid users. Many of the steroid signs are obvious once you get to know ways to identify them. So, before starting with them, ensure to know what they do and how can they actually affect the outward appearance as well as internal body functions.

Top outward signs of Steroid use

Use of steroids especially by teenagers has very serious impact on their overall development, organ systems, brain functions that include hormone system. Some of the most common signs of steroid users are increased muscle mass growth, and other such signs. The following are some of them.

  • Complaints of joint and muscle aches
  • Halitosis
  • Edema
  • Acne
  • Deeper voice especially in women
  • Growth of body hair and facial hair

Apart from outward signs, there are some other signs too. The following are psychological signs of the steroids use.

  • Increased irritability
  • Erratic mood swings
  • Unacceptable anger or hostility

Regardless of age, whether you use steroid yourself or not, you can suspect a loved one or friend using any kind of steroids by noticing the above signs. So, before you use them, you must have knowledge about their working mechanism and effects.