ezTalks provides you with a high-profile LAN video conferencing solution

LAN video conferencing system mainly for the safety factor of the higher requirements of enterprises and government agencies, institutions, the military, only in the internal office building to open a video conference, or in the green network system to carry out network meetings, such users Are generally self-built LAN video conferencing system, but deployed to the LAN video conferencing program not only with video conferencing equipment, and video conferencing IT maintenance is also very troublesome. Therefore, a simple set of LAN video conferencing deployment program is an urgent need for many business units. In this regard, ezTalks web video conferencing provides a simple set of LAN videoconferencing deployment solutions to provide you with a quick set up LAN videoconferencing.

1, the LAN video conferencing system server MCU deployed to the LAN, set a fixed LAN IP address, if the meeting quality requirements, should use H.264 system. H.264 specifically for the LAN does not provide QoS guarantee technology development, of course, it also supports MAN, regional network and wide area network. If the number of meeting points, to ensure the quality of video conferencing, should also deploy H.264 gatekeeper to maintain its quality of operation. In addition, if the local area network video conferencing network is larger, it is best to take a third-layer routing switch with wire speed to ensure video transmission performance across subnets.

2, through the browser Web mode access or install ezTalks video conferencing software client, presided over the meeting and join the conference are using software client mode, in addition to audio and video equipment does not need to install other hardware devices, you can easily audio and video conference interactive.

In summary, the LAN video conferencing need to maintain only a video conferencing server MCU. And this video conferencing server itself is a server model, stability is also more than the general protection, and further simplify the LAN video conferencing deployment of the program and steps.