5 Authentic Cuisines You Need To Try in Yogyakarta

Besides being known as the town of the arts and culture, Yogyakarta is famous for its unique and delicious cuisines. If you’re in Rome, do as Roman do. While you’re in Yogyakarta, you have to try their authentic traditional cuisines to experience a life like Yogyakarta people. Here are 5 authentic cuisines you need to try in Yogyakarta.

Bakso — Baksonya Bakso Maharani

Besides the bakso in Bakso Klenger, Yogyakarta hides another super Instagrammable tasty bakso, something which stands out with the special soup. Prepare to see large bakso in Baksonya Bakso Maharani. You can enjoy the latest bakso using a spin, which can be served with whole bone marrow (Bakso Sumsum), and you may even drink from it while its flavors seep in the tantalizing broth (it comes with a straw!). Another great invention is their Mozzarella Bakso — a giant meatball served with mozzarella filling that is overflowing, so this is not to be missed if you’re a cheese lover!

Noodle — Bakmi Mbah Mo

Comfort food! This is what we indulged after shooting in the very first slurp of this heartwarming Bakmi. You will have two variations (dry or soupy), and you can try them both. The egg is mixed to the broth, and the noodles are topped with chicken and a scattering of spring onions that gives excellent kick! It’s a casual eatery, so don’t have high expectations on seating; however, you can enjoy a cooking experience and see every piece of your BakmBaling created from scratch! Gulp this down with a cup of the hot ginger tea (Teh Jahe), but ask for less sugar because the Javanese have a sweet tooth!

Traditional Beverage — Wedang Ronde Mbah Payem

Although this may look like a dessert know that neighborhood Javanese enjoy it like a comforting roadside beverage — colorful also sweet; be prepared to try something exotic! True to Java, wedang ronde made of glutinous rice balls soaked in hot ginger drink, sprinkled with some sliced peanuts and some rice balls. The beverage is generally enjoyed during the night time to heat you up, as it’s served warm.

Shaved Ice — Es Buah PK

We can’t thank enough the man who invented this dessert way back to the 70s! This roadside stall specializes in shaved ice dish, although not the traditional kind, as they serve it with a generous amount of freshly chopped fruits like avocado, coconut and pineapple, together with secret syrup concoctions (apparently chocolate condensed milk) and grass jelly cubes. This really is something for the sweet tooth. It was among the most excellent dessert we came across — I mean, where else can we locate road dessert One won’t be enough, especially in this scorching hot weather! Another bowl! The stall also sells noodles and meatballs (bakso); so if you’re here for lunch, you also got your dessert sorted!

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