4 Things You Should Know About Functional Medicine Doctor In Nassua County

Finding a functional medicine doctor in Nassua County can get nerve-racking. The underlying challenge is little knowledge on functional medicine despite being lauded as the future of healthcare. Most people confuse it with conventional medicine. Today, we thought it wise to educate you on functional medicine.

What is Functional Medicine? 

Functional medicine is a different approach to treatment that is patient-centered and treats individuals with symptoms of a disease rather than addressing the condition. It works on the principle that conventional medicine only targets the illness but not the underlying dysfunction or imbalance in the human body.

By treating the underlying causes of diseases, functional medicine hopes to achieve long-term effect giving patients a chance to resolve any probability of reoccurrence. Currently, this form of treatment uses state of the art diagnostic testing and treatment techniques to restore physiological body processes of patients.

Why is functional Medicine Important? 

Let’s take a look at health care systems today. The treatment approaches employed works for acute health conditions. Someone struggling with heart attack requires fast attention and doctors who make the quick, accurate decision to save lives. What about people suffering from a chronic illness like diabetes?  We need a different approach to register success.

What are the principles of Functional Medicine? 

  • Functional medicine appreciates the fact that human beings differ both genetically and biochemically and offers personalized health care aimed at boosting the standard body healing mechanism but not targeting the disease directly.
  • Functional medicine relies on scientific research and information when treating patients.
  • The human body is capable of self-regulation as shown by its ability to balance the body processes and dynamic systems.
  • Our bodies can fight diseases and heal.
  • Health is defined by the state of immense liveliness not the absence of infections.

How can one find an excellent Functional Medicine Doctor? 

Finding that right functional doctor in Nassua County means looking beyond what meets the eye. Some signs show you are dealing with an ordinary doctor and a functional one even though both are credible professionals. Here are a few things that can help you distinguish the two:

  • Functional medicine doctor tests three essential body systems namely: hormonal, digestive and detox system.
  • Functional medicine doctors find the body part or area that requires attention.
  • Good functional doctors comprehend how it feels to be sick.

The future of healthcare lies in the hands of functional doctors since they spend much time with patients, carry out numerous tests, customize treatments, interpret results uniquely and aim to address underlying dysfunctions. If you are looking for a functional medicine doctor in Nassua County, Visit or get in touch with Pollack Wellness Institute.