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What Are the Inside and Outside Bets in Roulette

The majority of casino players want to believe that winning or losing a game in a casino is all at the mercy of your luck. However, the role of some good amount of knowledge and smart application of your knowledge contributing to your winning chances can never be denied.

Knowing all the basics of a game at the casino will give you an extra edge and it also makes sure that all your games are always well played. Therefore take a few minutes to learn about the game that you choose to play and master it before you go on a professional betting level.

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The roulette game 

This is the most popular and basic gambling game played at the casino. We all know this, all right. A little more in detail – There is a ball that is dropped on a spinning wheel that has different compartments with numbers written on it. The players bet on which compartment the ball would stop when the spinning wheel stops.

Based on how close or far your bets were, you will win or lose or your bet amount gets rewarded or used up.

Roulette inside bets 

The concept is very simple here. The bet which is placed on the number written on the inside part of the roulette ring is called the inside bets. You can place your bets on a single number of the inside ring or a line of numbers. If you place bets on a line of numbers then it is called a combination bet.

Possible types of inside bets 

Keeping the Americana roulette playing rules as a standard, there are few types of inside bets in a roulette game.

  • Straight up bets – This a type of inside bet where the bet is placed on a single number. A chip or a stack is placed on the selected number without touching the borders. If the bet wins, the payoff is 35 to 1.
  • Split bets – In this, the bet is placed on the borderline between two numbers. In case either of the two numbers wins, the payoff is 17 to 1.
  • Other few types of bets include street bets, corner bets, sucker bets, and line bets.

Roulette outside bets 

As the name suggests, if the bets are not placed on the inside fields of the numbers on the roulette ring, then it is called as an outside bet. There are many ways to place an outside bet in a game of roulette played according to the American practices of playing this game.

  • Bets on dozens
  • Column bets
  • Bets on color
  • Bets on even or odd numbers.
  • Bets on low or high

In all these types of bets except the bets on dozens and column bets, the payout is always one to one. The dozen and column bets alone have a different payout of two to one.

Enjoy your game!