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Smart Selections for the Best Penis Growth Pills

How to naturally enlarge your penis? Check out 6 effective methods for penis enlargement. Discover home methods for lengthening and thickening the penis, and tricks that will make your member look bigger. The use of the penis growth pills comes easy here.

How to naturally enlarge your penis at home?

Penis enlargement by natural means at home should start with exercise. This is by far the most natural method. Unfortunately, it requires devoting a lot of time and training the technique.

Tablets are definitely an easier solution. These can also be considered natural due to their composition, in which we find concentrated herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals.

Further methods require the use of special devices – pumps or expanders. Their use may seem embarrassing, but it brings measurable effects. As you can see homemade, natural ways to enlarge your penis are quite a few. Get to know each of them more thoroughly and decide for yourself which will be best for you.

  1. Tablets for penis enlargement

Tablets for penis enlargement are one of the most popular methods. Why? We devote more and more time to work, which leads to the fact that we are more and more busy, and this method is limited only to taking the tablet daily.

  1. Vacuum pumps

How to quickly enlarge your penis? Choose a pump. Enlarging pumps are very effective devices that increase the thickness and length of a member . They are also used by people struggling with a weak erection. Pumps can be divided into vacuum and pumps using the water environment.

Vacuum pumps – the mechanism of operation is based on the suction of air inside the cylinder, which results in the creation of a vacuum. The effect of the pump is the formation of microcracks, which results in the process of tissue regeneration and growth.

Vacuum-water pumps – works on the same principle as a vacuum pump with the difference that it uses a water environment that increases efficiency and safety.

Do you want a quick effect? Be sure to check out our Penis Pump Ranking.

Note: when choosing a penis pump, pay attention to the quality of workmanship, pumps from the lower price shelf are usually also of lower quality, with frequent use may lead to irritation or even damage to the tissues of the penis. The pumps do not give lasting results – after stopping the pump, the size of the member returns to its original size over time.

Expanders stretching the member

Expanders are used to gradually stretch the penis. Penis stretching is mainly used to lengthen the penis, but men using expanders also note an increase in thickness.

  • The effects take a relatively long time, the device is much more expensive than push-ups, and the expander itself is recommended to be worn for several hours a day. It looks not very encouraging, but it should be added that a good device is practically invisible under clothing.
  • The effects of enlargement, unlike the pump, are permanent, after which the member quickly returns to its previous size.

Penis enlargement exercises

The manual methods are worth the interest. This method costs nothing more than a bit of free time and self-denial. Manual penis enlargement techniques are described in the article: 8 MEGA exercises for penis enlargement.