Rummy Game: What No One Is Talking About

The skilled-based game of rummy has become a popular card game, especially on festive occasions. While a lot of players and rummy websites speak of the rules, tips, and tricks, there are some secrets that are yet to be revealed. Discarding of the high-value cards, making the best use of jokers, and keeping an eye on the move of your opponents are some of the common strategies known to most players. But apart from these, there are other secrets for winning the rummy game that only a few players know. So, let us take a look at the secret winning strategies that can make you a pro at the game.

  • Sharpen Your Memory

Concentration and good memory are among the key aspects that enable you to win rummy. Along with knowing the tips and tricks, sharpening your memory can enhance your chances of a win. With a sharp memory, you will be able to remember the cards you put in the discard pile as well as the cards your opponent picks. It helps in giving a fair idea of what your opponents are up to and ensure an edge over them.

  • Use Reverse Psychology

As one of the basic strategies of rummy is to discard the high-value cards at the earliest, your opponents will try doing it. Here, you can apply reverse psychology and trick your opponents. Whenever your opponent discards the high-value cards, you can start picking them and forming sets. It will make your opponents believe that you are not good at the game. But in reality, you can form a pure sequence and ensure your winning chances.

  • Make Your Calculations Strong

To become a pro in the rummy game, you need to become good at numbers. Being able to make quick calculations of points enables you to make the right decision whether to pick or discard cards. As every card has a different value, make sure to manage the points, and play the game smartly.

  • Seven is Pure Gold

Some research says that having a seven in your deck is like getting pure gold. Considered as one of the most valuable cards, it can help you in turning the tables in your favor. As compared to the high point cards, you can much easily make a pure set or sequence with the help of middle cards such as 7.

  • Practice Quick Playing

When you are playing online rummy, you need to be really quick at your moves. Being slow can make the game boring as well as leads to loss of opportunities. The online rummy game will not give you much time to make your decisions. The faster you are at playing rummy, the higher are the chance of winning the game.

  • Play at Different Times

While the online rummy tournaments are available all-round the clock, you need to play the game at different times. It will help in giving you a fair idea about the types of player, their playing styles as well as strategies. This can help in improving your winning chances.

Following the popular rummy strategies, along with these secret tricks, can help you master the game and become a pro player.