Flavors Of The Best Of The Best Recipe

Potatoes are one of the cheapest and most nutritious foods you can find. They have many health benefits and can be prepared in different ways to spice up your dining table at every meal. One of the ideal ways to make potatoes is au gratin potatoes; it is simply the best way to bake a potato. The typical au gratin potatoes recipe includes finely sliced potatoes, cream, cheese, butter, and sometimes thyme. However, there are varying ways you can spice things up and add creativity to your cooking. If you’re looking for flavor ideas to add to your au gratin potatoes to take it to the next level, explore some of the options below.


If you can mix a root vegetable with cream, cheese, and butter to make a fantastic dish, imagine what a second root vegetable will do to the dish. Celery is one flavor you can add to your au gratin potatoes recipe to take it to the next level. You can mash the celery up and add it to your dish before baking, and you’re sure to love the outcome and the spike in flavor.

Caramelized Onions

Most people don’t consider this option, but one way to spice up your au gratin potatoes is to add caramelized onions to the dish. When added to your au gratin potatoes recipe, this new flavor will simply make the flavors burst on your tongue. The caramelization process draws out the sweetness of the onions and will add a crunchy texture to your dish. If you want to caramelize onions, you should allow them to cook slowly over a low flame to bring out the colors.


The herbs you find in the garden and the market are flavors simply waiting to be added to your potato dish. Thyme is not the only option you have; you can also add chives to your au gratin potatoes. You could even choose to go the extra mile of using chives and lavender leaves to give it a unique but welcome taste. Chives add a delicious and flavor-bursting taste to potatoes that will make them a permanent fixture in your au gratin potatoes recipe.

Flavorful Cream Cheese

Why don’t you swap out your cheddar cheese for some flavorful cream cheese? It will work to add richness and more creaminess to your au gratin potatoes. You can use varying cream cheeses to take your au gratin potatoes to the next level, like chive cream cheese, jalapeno cream cheese, Swiss cheese, asiago cheese, herb cream cheese, and many other ideas.