Finding Difficulties to Crack JEE Main? Preparation Tips and Tricks to Ace JEE

One of the toughest exams that lakhs of students attempt with great hard work and confidence is the JEE – The national level engineering exam. The Joint Entrance Examination consists of two papers. Paper 1 is conducted for admission to Undergraduate Engineering Programs (B.E/B. Tech) at NITs, IIITs, other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs), Institutions/Universities funded/recognised by participating State Governments, as well as an eligibility test for JEE (Advanced), which is conducted for admission to IITs.

A lot of effort and hard work is a must to achieve success in any of the competitions. Same as the spirit, cracking JEE main becomes easy when hard work and preparation is effective. Here are some techniques to ace the exam without being so stressed and exhausted.

Preparation Techniques

Nothing is possible without working hard, and thus, achieving success comes on your path. For making dreams come true, failures will always knock on the door. The same concept can be applied here also. JEE cracking needs a lot of preparation before itself.

Goal setting

The primary and vital factor in life is achieving your goal. Prior to that, goal setting is a significant step. One should always be positive and also should believe in yourself to achieve the biggest dream in your life. Chase for that and be consistently motivated. Failures may laugh at you, but you should bounce back and move on without losing hope.

Timetable preparation

Time plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Once it has gone, we cannot get it back. So it is one of the precious parameters in your life to use without waste. You must have a plan according to time. All subjects need a specific time to prepare thoroughly. Comfortable timings must be allotted for each subject and a particular time for the revision also. 

Mock test

Make sure that you are thorough with the syllabus. After completing each subject or a chapter, a mock test can be conducted by yourself. This method is one of the effective ways to know which part of the concept you are weak in. There are many question and answer sample papers available for your reference. One of the best study materials is BYJU’S sample question answer paper done by subject-matter experts with many questions with answers.

Proper revision

Physics, chemistry and mathematics are the main three subjects that need to be focussed on. Try to solve the previous sample papers to get an idea of the exam patterns and the marking system. To improve your proficiency and speed, you should always practice test papers. Making small notes with important concepts will make it easy for the revision. Formulas, laws or theorems can be noted down in a notebook and once before going to before, just have a look at that and try to memorise the things that you have learnt for the day.

Stay healthy and hydrated.

Along with preparing subjects, the most important thing is preparing our body and mind to be healthy and relaxed. Without an active mind and a healthy body, we cannot survive. So have all vegetables and fruits, which enhances the energy in you and stay hydrated. A dry brain and body will always pull you back from achieving your goal. These simple tips are very basic for the candidates to follow before attempting the exam. The scores you get from JEE main are the eligibility to move to the next phase, i.e. JEE advanced. So, adequate preparation is crucial from the beginning itself. For more details, refer to BYJU’S complete study plan to crack JEE exam