Changing the forex game- Juno Markets

Forex trading is extremely popular worldwide. If we talk about specific continents, Asia plays host to a large volume of forex trading, all over the continent. But, if we talk about game changers in the world of forex trading, Juno markets is one name that comes out as one of them. An offshore trading firm based out of Vanuatu, Juno Markets is a retail-based FX broker. Registered as an international business company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Juno markets is revolutionizing the forex landscape bit by small bit. The placement of the company is also a very strategic one. Since St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an extremely popular forex destination with little regulations, Juno markets decided to register itself over there.

The values at Juno markets

At Juno markets, the customer is always given top priority. Forming meaningful relationships with its customers, and helping them achieve their trading goals is what Juno markets are all about. The values instilled into its employees by the company resonate far and wide. Providing its partners with all the tools to succeed, Juno could be thought of as the perfect mentor and team player for traders all over Asia. Recently expired, their USD 30 no deposit bonus was a way of giving back to their loyal and faithful users, and to encourage new ones to join their family. No commissions or trading fees is one standout feature of Juno markets that pulls customers in hordes.

Making the best out of tech

As per Juno Markets reviews, technology is always being explored to make trading better for everyone. Juno markets give its customers the option to use Tradeworks, an automated trading tool which is designed to provide a cloud-based solution to FX traders. Tradeworks helps traders formulate their own algorithms, or use already created ones, to make the most profitable trades on the market. Completely integrated with all Juno markets accounts, Tradeworks can be used by traders with little to no programming skills.

The status of Juno markets as a newcomer into the forex scene has never hindered its growth. Within a short span of time, it has taken over the FX trading scene and is one of the largest firms in Asia. With strong partnership arrangements, demo accounts and a plethora of other features, Juno markets are certainly in it to win it.