8 Best Destinations to Have a Stag Party

You can’t have a true bachelor party in your hometown, you have to do things right. This is supposed to be your last night of freedom, not just a night away with the guys.

To have a great time you have to include alcohol, good food, sporting activities (both watch and play), and gambling.

Here is a list of the best locations to have a bachelor party:

Atlantic City

The biggest selling point is clearly the amount of casinos concentrated into one area. There are also a few nice golf courses and the summer time provides good weather for that.


The good thing about Cancun is that it’s a pretty good destination for most of the year because of the good weather. Warm weather breeds good golfing, good fishing, good beach time, and plenty bikini bodies walking around.

New Jersey

It certainly does have its positives, for starters there is every type of bar imaginable and you can drink until early hours of the morning. There is great Party Bus Rental in New Jersey which is a perfect blowout for a stag party.


The locals are very friendly, which is always positive. The food is surprisingly good. The Blue Lagoon hot baths are a once in a lifetime experience. And for golf lovers teeing off at the golf course at midnight is available for you over here. It is also a pretty easy place to get drunk with lots of nice cheap bars.


There’s a reason it has the nickname NashVegas. It’s easy to get to and has a lot to offer. The good thing about a place like Nashville is that the people you meet are pretty carefree.


This is one of everyone’s favorite Southern cities; it has a lot to offer for a bachelor party. One word – barbecue – which is as good as you’ll get anywhere in the country. Bars on 6th street is pretty amazing and will have you covered. Or jump over to the Warehouse District and Fourth Street if you are looking for different watering holes all weekend.


Need I say more?……. South Beach is where it is happening. The nightlife is on par with anything you’ll get in the world – the entertainment is different on every night and definitely on a whole next level.

Las Vegas

If you don’t think Las Vegas is the best bachelor party location possible, are you even a guy? In Vegas you are spoilt for choice with nice hotels, it caters for most budgets depending on the areas, but you want to be in one on the strip – you’ll be in the core of all the entertainment. It’s a magical gamble fuelled place that offers anything and everything you could want or need in a bachelor party.

So instead of the cliche statement that it is your last night of freedom, your bachelor party is heading somewhere with the guys, getting excessively drunk, and enjoying man things like golfing, paintballing and meat.