3 Professional Services to Clean the Exteriors of a Building and Windows

Everybody cleans the interiors of their homes regularly. What’s neglected are the exteriors: the driveways, the walls and sidings, and the windows. Even if you use a hosepipe to clean the walls and driveways, you do more damage than good since washing a surface with water at high pressure can punch holes in the concrete and damage the paint. Having said that, professionals take an altogether different approach. Find out more information in the sections to follow. 

Softwashing Concrete Cleaning Services 

Softwashing is the latest pro concrete cleaning technique that uses water in a very high volume at very low pressure. Now, you might think that low pressure can’t remove all the dirt, but that’s untrue. Professionals use special detergents to target each and every contaminant specifically. It offers twin benefits: the organic growth and dirt are fully removed and there’s no damage done to the paint at all. 

Driveways Cleaning Services 

You can brush and water away dirt and dust from the driveways, but, what about the oil stains, algae, and moss? It’s not just untidy, it’s also slippery and extremely dangerous. Now, again, if you scrub the surface, it will peel off the concrete and the organic growth will be back in no time. What professionals do, on the other hand, is using specific detergents that kill organic growth. Then, they use water at varying pressure so that no damage is done to the concrete surface. And, finally, they use different sorts of machines to get rid of oil stains and dust and dirt. 

Window Cleaning Services 

The window cleaning service like Zachs Window cleaning is very different from what you normally do by yourself. The max that you can do at home is use soaps and water at high pressure to remove dirt and then use a cloth to wipe the glass surface. But, that’s not enough. Especially, when you’re putting up your property for sale or trying to get it ready for the holiday season. 

Professionals take a different approach as listed below. 

  1. The detergents they use are specific to the type of contamination. 
  2. They know what’s adequate pressure for the brittle glass surface so that it doesn’t crack. 
  3. They clean the surface in such a way that every single spot is removed. 
  4. They have the tools and equipment that allow them access to the windows on the upper floors. 
  5. A clean surface allows more sunlight inside the house. It kills bacteria and reduces moisture which’s very good for hygiene and health. 

In a nutshell, all that matters is picking the right professionals so that you get what you pay for.